Design Summit 01 – Prologue

The Design Summit (DS) will serve as an inclusionary body fostering a new discourse on Design that is cognizant of its potential as well as its limits.
In order to give designers an active but ethically informed voice in contemporary culture and political debates, DS will generate such discourse within (and without) the disciplines of design through its summits. These events will provide creative thinkers an opportunity to start developing research-based studies of independent and associated design phenomena that not only focuses on problem-solving but also on what we leave out when we define something as a problem.

Lahore Design Studio is a small, independent, Lahore-based graphic design studio founded by Rizwan Hussain. Playful in both its method and essence, it is particularly inclined towards challenging the existing design norms in Pakistan, and focuses on the design of both printed and digital matter. The studio has a diverse portfolio that encompasses various designs for publications, websites and identities.

Rizwan Hussain is a design enthusiast with broad experience in graphic design and art direction. An alumnus of the National College of Arts, Lahore, he graduated with a Bachelors in Design degree in 2010. Since then, Rizwan has been involved in various creative ventures and is currently the Head of Design at the Lahore Biennale Foundation.


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