Misaq-e-Ishq | The Covenant of Love

An Evening dedicated to Music, Poetry and the Arts

Music and poetry recital Ali Sethi
with Professor of Indo-Muslim Religion and Cultures Ali Asani

A music-and-poetry recital around the Sufi ideal of Love. Spanning many regions, languages and eras, the ensemble touches upon the works of regional masters and Sufi visionaries Amir Khusraw, Shams Sabzwari, Bulleh Shah, and Shah Abdul Latif.




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Rizwan Hussain is a design enthusiast with broad experience in graphic design and art direction. An alumnus of the National College of Arts, Lahore, he graduated with a Bachelors in Design degree in 2010. Since then, Rizwan has been involved in various creative ventures and is currently the Head of Design at the Lahore Biennale Foundation.


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